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Originally Posted by Mick3391 View Post
This is driving me nuts. I'm reading that "Courts are slower, this is why baseliners about".

HOW do you slow down a court? I understand Clay is slower than Grass, but how do you slow down an existing court, IE Slow a Grass Court down? Slow a Hard Court down?

As the above posters have stated it is quite easy to "slow down" existing courts - hard courts especially. This has been a trend for the last ten years or so or the tour and now a lot of people and players feel they have gone too far and lost variety.

To give you an example of what real ATP/WTA court surfaces are like today - I play on courts that are used in major ATP events all the time and the surface is literally like playing on very gritty sandpaper - especially after they resurface it right before the tourney. So much so that it will wear a hole in your shoes VERY quickly. And likewise the balls fluff up and then go bald quick as well. And these courts aren't even really slow compared to Melbourne Oz Open etc.

Also the balls used today are a bit bigger and have more fluff to them to slow them down a bit compared to a decade ago...
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