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I grew up on Disco-era Bee Gees, so it bypasses my muso filter entirely. I love it, all of it.

I love Cream, but I'd put the Experience above them (studio innovation, guitar, signature songs, etc.)

Velvet Underground should go on there, rating at least a 7.

Beatles had nothing to do with all this, huh?
It can't be understated how much the Beach Boys influenced British pop music. That influence was wider reaching and longer lasting than their legacy in the States; that may be part of the disconnect. The way the Who and Queen arrange and produce harmonies go back to the Beach Boys. The way the Beatles use minor keys to evoke unresolved melancholy behind lovelorn lyrics go back to the Beach Boys. Phil Spector and Brill Building popularized reverb as a way to convey foreground/background in pop, but the Beach Boys introduced the idea of miniaturist pop.

Pet Sounds had a fluency in arrangement that even eludes Revolver and Sgt Pepper. The production is forward thinking, but never treated as a special effect.
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