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Genesis Twisted Razor 1.26

I strung this up last weekend at 53 pounds on my coach's lockout machine. Rackettune showed 52 immediately after stringing. 4 days later, it read 45.5 after 4 hours of hitting. This is only an initial impression.

Groundstrokes: Really quite nice. Plush, soft, and controlled. The twisted profile provides plenty of spin, and I really enjoy the feel at contact. It's just smooth and offers a little bit more forgiveness that some other polyester strings like 4G. Reminds me how much I liked Typhoon when I tried it when it first released.

Serves: Enjoyable. The plush control made me have to work to put pace and spin on the ball, but boy was I rewarded. Lines were hit many times, and I had some good hop on the kickers. I felt like I could really move my opponent around and set up my down-the-line forehand well, especially on the ad side. I got a few extra aces too.

Volleys: Once again, very nice. Good form is rewarded, and the plush stringbed's forgiveness was welcomed as well. Placement is good as is touch.

I cannot comment on durability yet, but after 3.5 hours, it's notching a bit. Nothing terrible, but it's not great either. This is likely due to the smaller diameter and twisted profile.

I'll post a full review once it breaks. I'm really liking it so far.

Final Review: Finally getting around to writing this. Been really busy lately with finals and other commitments that come with the holidays.

Groundstrokes: Solid. Like I said before, very plush feel here. Plenty of spin if you want it--not Blue Gear of Spiky Shark spin, but it's there. I felt like I never really hit a bad ball on the groundies. Control was adequate too. It just felt good. 9/10: a very well-rounded string off of the ground.

Serves: Once again, an enjoyable experience. Plenty of spin on kickers and slices. I could flatten it out big as well. I do think that serving is much more technique than string, but I definitely got some help here. 9/10

Volleys: Good form is rewarded. Forgiving stringbed led to a plush response and exceptional touch from a poly. Not natural gut by any means, but playable for a poly. 8/10

Durability: The only area that I wasn't too impressed in. I only got 5 hours out of this 16L string. It just sawed into itself. Not satisfying at all. Still better than a synthetic, I guess. 6/10

Overall: I really enjoyed this string. It just plays well in all aspects. I broke it too quickly to really test it, though. I'm interested to see if it loses its characteristics with time like many other polys. The edges had started to wear off a bit too, and the spin decreased near the end of the test. 8/10: Good offering from Genesis for the time that it lasted.

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