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I made the switch years ago so I would be hitting the same Bh as my son that
I was coaching at the time, feeling it would give me more insight as to what he
was dealing with as he developed it.

Funny thing is I stayed with it as my primary and my son switched to a one, lol.
I never lost my one hander though, and it has improved as well. I just think the
2 hander is too important for returning big first serves, especially in doubles.
The two hander allows you to take on a 120mph first serve and hit it back with
TS, where most one handers have to revert to a slice. There are exceptions of
course, but even Fed often goes to the slice for big serves.

Anyway, I get more precision with the 2 for hard angles as well as I/O Bhs.
I can hit the onehander a bit harder and use it when spacing works out
naturally for it.

I really think the 2 is worth it, especially if you play doubles.
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