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Originally Posted by Mainad View Post
It's a perfectly valid example to use. Nadal didn't pull out of that match until he was 2 and a half sets down. He himself said that his injury didn't kick in until the start of the 3rd set when he was already being well and truly beaten. It only becomes an inconvenient example to you because it contradicts your statement that Murray always loses at Slams after beating a top player.
Nonsense. It was not a normal match situation at all.

That said, even if you could include the example, he did lose - to Federer - after beating Nadal. He also lost, as I've said he is prone to doing, in lame lame lame fashion.

Originally Posted by Mainad View Post
As I said, is it Murray's fault that Federer wasn't good enough to meet him in the semis at the 2012 USO or that Nadal failed to show up? Is he supposed to hand back his trophy and tell the organisers..
Not at all. It's no-one's fault. But it serves to demonstrate that his win was more likely an anomaly for the year rather than an indication he has suddenly improved his game relative to the other top guys. He just found himself in a fortunate situation where Nadal was out and Federer had a clanger vs Berdych so his path to the final was smoothed.
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