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BLAH! Stupid rackets! I popped the strings on both my RDiS200s, so i busted out the rebel... Man thats some sweet hitting. Thing is a scalpel of low power. I'd love to get a fresh set of bhbr17 in there again... If this thing just had a little more zip on the serve I'd love it. I was getting a ton of easy pace serving today on my yy200, hence the broken strings, but my 1hbh was failing pretty hard.

I might make the move to the BA93 or a dunlop100. Low powered mid goodness. Maybe i'll shoot for an open pattern for the pop... Is there any good low static 16x20's mids out there?

EDIT: It'd be great to get a stick like above in the 11.5 range.

I got 4 sticks in the 12-12.3oz range in TW racket finder. I've played the Diablo Mid, loved it sooooooo much, but it was way too heavy for rigorous matches. Like a BA93 + 16x18. nomnomnom.
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