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Originally Posted by goober View Post
If you look at UW roster. She definitely is not above taking 5 star Americans. The 3 americans on her roster are 5 Star, 3 star and unrated (from Hawaii no less)
Care to wager who the two walks-ons are ?

Originally Posted by goober View Post
The actual quote she gave in the original article was "It's hard to rebuild a team if you lose the top 20, 30 American players to the traditional powerhouse programmes each year."

yes, it's hard. This is the pack 12 we are talking about. If you want to run with the big dogs, you need to learn how to pee in the tall grass. But its her job. That's what I meant when I said lazy. If she is not capable of recruiting any American players worthy of her program, than I say she is not doing her job.

Originally Posted by goober View Post
The part that is ascribed to her "... she picks a few select American players each year and offers them scholarships first. If they don't take them she goes international." was NOT quote and could be entirely taken out of context of her conversation or not even what she meant. Obviously she is just not offering blue chip players in America.
Given her hit rate with these few select offers, she can't be diving too far down the list of 5 stars. As Mr. Bill said, maybe she will go to 50. But she does not have record of recruiting them either.
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