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Everything depends on whether he is healthy or not. Other than that, he will still be beating most of the pack and reaching the QF and SF of the most important tournaments. He has too much variety for most of his rivals to cope with. They only have the option to overpower him, but if he is healthy only a couple can do that (as of now).

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Despite winning Wimbledon, I just don't see how Federer can win another major. I never expected him to win Wimbledon, and tbh some things really fell into place and Murray underperformed in the final, Djokovic was unimpressive in the semifinals, etc....
Yeah? So, how about admitting, that Federer played on a very high level, and made that happen.

Murray played as well as he could, and couldn't weather the storm. That is all about his "underperformance". And why was Djokovic "unimpressive"?

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but it's tennis and the unpredictable happens, so Fed always has that going for him.
Oh, really?

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But in terms of projecting major results, how is he going to beat Djokovic or Nadal or Murray at any of the hardcourt majors, or Djokovic or Nadal at the French Open? I don't see it ever happening, which leaves Wimbledon, and I don't feel comfortable making a call on that one in the spring.
Federer is a very good HC player.

How is he going to beat Djokovic and Murray? Murray is definitely beatable. As is Djokovic, if Federer has a good day.

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I can see Federer up two sets and three match points at the OZ Open against Djokovic in the final, and then failing to convert on any of them and getting crushed from there on out. That sounds like vintage Fed...
I can see 666 cloths being used to mop the floor, should Federer win another major title, beating Murray and Djokovic in the process.
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