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Originally Posted by Passion4Tennis View Post
Not too shabby. You've got two more PCs than me. I know the Blx is your main racquet, but do you ever hit with the Prestiges?
I bolded the word "ever" because I grew up and developed my strokes using a Prestige Mid in one form or another. Started with the i.Prestige Mid and moved backwards in time onto the PC600.

Do I currently use the PC600? No, and not likely in the foreseeable future.

But do believe me when I say they have seen years of court time, and they hold a sentimental value to me. Even with the usual wear and tear of being on the court, they're easily 9/10. I take care of my frames. And of course, one of them is still wrapped in plastic. Prestige Mids are known to be "soft" and tends to warp when stringing, so I kept one frame fresh just in case that happened to me.

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