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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
tlm, I want to apologize for coming off as a dick. I am not intending to sound all-knowing, but it's coming off like that, so my apologies. I've just been on a mission lately to steer people from Kevlar and onto poly strings, but that is not evidence of superiority. No argumentative state intended.
No apology necessary you give a lot of good information that I have found to be true. You are probably doing the right thing by trying to steer people away from kevlar.

I want to get away from it myself, but I am telling you it is addicting. I play a consistent baseline game with mostly a looping top spin forehand and slice backhand and sometimes 2 handed backhand.

The kevlar really compliments my game, the consistency is unmatched. I also get a lot of top spin and a good biting slice, not to mention it is great for drop shots and lobs.

But I do notice that it is tougher to hit through the court because of the power restriction of kevlar, which is why it is so consistent and accurate but like anything you give up one thing to gain another.

Like I mentioned I love poly the most but because of my high trajectory I use it gets tougher to control after the tension goes down some. Which of course can be corrected some with better technique and timing. But that is why kevlar is so much easier for me to play with. I don't have to worry about perfect timing and swinging to hard if I am even close on my swings the ball will still go in.

Poly will also do this and with more pop off the court but only for the first couple of hours. That is why I am experimenting right now to try and find a poly I can switch to and ditch the harsh kevlar. I think I may just buy my 3rd racket and always have at least 1 strung new and just go with that.
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