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Hey TripleB, I have been demoing the Pro One 16x19, Silver99, Gold99 and XP-dual 102 Black. The Gold99 in the most arm friendly of the bunch. In fact, it's the most arm friendly racquet I have ever hit. That said, I am having a problem hitting the ball short with the Gold99. This may may be due to the increased spin i'm getting on the ball. I have the 10 gr. butt cap and slide weights at 3,9 and 12. I actually cut the slide weights in half. So only using 1/2 a slide weight at each position. I like all the Donnay racquets so far. I'm not sure which I will get yet, but I am leaning toward the Gold99. Just feels like heaven when I hit the ball! Even on miss hits! I also have elbow issues and the Gold 99 never hurts my elbow! The others are soft, but slightly more harsh on off center hits.

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When I first started looking at the Donnay racquets I will say it was the Gold 99 that first got my attention.

But as I looked at them more, and took a look at the customization kit available, the Silver started looking more like a better choice. I could start with the lighter weight Silver and then add weight to it until I got it the way I wanted. I'm afraid that with the Gold at 11.5 ounces, if I didn't like it stock, by the time I added weight to it then it would be a little more stick than I cared to handle.

After looking at the Silver I thought I would also throw the X-P Dual Black 102 in there as well since it might make a nice 'base' racquet to add some weight to. However it looks as though the Donnay Customization Kit is not longer available at T-W.

I'm still having pain in my right elbow even though I haven't played in over a month, so 'comfort' may become an important category for me.

Thank you for your input.

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