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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
Nonsense. It was not a normal match situation at all.
It's perfectly normal to me and I suspect to most other people as well.

Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
Even if you could include the example, he did lose - to Federer - after beating Nadal. He also lost, as I've said he is prone to doing, in lame lame lame fashion.
He lost to Federer in the final after beating Cilic in the semi-final and it was actually his best performance against Federer in a GS final until this year's Wimbledon. He had several set points in the 3rd set and lost a hard-fought tie-break that went to 13-11 and could have gone either way.

Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
Not at all. It's no-one's fault. But it serves to demonstrate that his win was more likely an anomaly for the year rather than an indication he has suddenly improved his game relative to the other top guys. He just found himself in a fortunate situation where Nadal was out and Federer had a clanger vs Berdych so his path to the final was smoothed.
We don't know how Murray would have fared against Federer in the semis. Given how lame Federer was against Berdych, its perfectly possible Murray would have beaten him had he played him. I repeat that to beat two of the top players back to back in a Slam is a rare feat for ANY player, not just Murray. Only Del Potro and Djokovic have ever managed it and Djokovic only managed it barely after surviving match points against Federer in their 2011 USO semi so it seems Murray may not be the only player to benefit from a bit of luck when playing against other top players in a Slam!

But if it makes you happy to dismiss Murray's USO win as a lucky fluke because he never got to play Federer before playing Djokovic, then by all means do so. There seems to be a lot of people on here who think Murray only ever wins anything because of sheer good luck. In the end, you believe what you want to believe!
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