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Tension used for play test : 48lbs
Current string set up: Tour Bite 18 @ 50lbs
Racquet brand and model used for test: Pro Kennex Ki5
String opinion upon initial view and stringing experience (Drop Weight):
The string seems thicker than other 17g poly strings I have strung and played with. I would say it feels and looks more like a 16L g. I don't know if it’s the color or what that makes it look and feel thicker than 17g, but it does to me. (I need to get a calibrator?)
String it up was very easy. Not much coil memory, which makes it easy to handle and alleviate kinking. The string has a bit of elasticity and give making it easy to weave crosses.
Hard weaves were easier to do due to this.
Power of test string: This is one of the LOWEST Powered poly strings that I have hit with in a while.
Correction: I would say IT IS the Lowest Powered poly string that I have hit with.
Even strung at 48lbs. I cannot generate as much power as other poly strings I have been testing. I can swing wildly out of my pants and I still cannot not get enough depth and power out of it. I feel that I have to over swing just to get somewhat close to the type of ball I usually hit.
Feel: It is under average feel for me. Very boardy and dull on impact. Touch shots are hard for me to determine due to the lack of feel and dullness. Volleys felt the same way. Not crisp upon impact.
Spin: Average spin for a typical round poly. Nothing noticeable in increase of spin from these strings. Compared to Tour Bite, Tour Bite beats it hands down in the spin department. There isn't the same grab feeling like you get with Tour Bite.
Comfort: Boardy and dull feel I don't like, so I don't find it comfortable for those reasons.
Durability: Some notching but they most likely will not break before I cut them out. So durability seems to be on par with most poly strings. (I usually cut out poly strings first as they go dead vs. break them in play)
Playability Duration: I was hoping the strings would soften up a bit more and give me more feel, power, and feedback. But they have been feeling the same since the first stroke, boardy and dull.
I guess playability could be good if someone likes this type of feeling string because it doesn't change its characteristics much. I have played with strings that feel crisp for the first 2 hours and then go dead afterwards. Or vice versa: play stiff the first 2 hours then break into a crisp feeling string. These strings seem to play more consistent. Tension maintenance is good and perhaps contributes to its consistent playability. I have only measured an 8% tension drop so far. So it seems the pre-stretch of the string works in this department.
Control: This string would definitely benefit a control player better vs. power player style of play due to the lack of power. I would say it's a better fit for the counter puncher, grinder, pusher type of player. None of those are my style though.
Comparison to Tour Bite and other textured strings I have been playing with: Textured poly strings vs. round poly strings fits my preference better due to the fact that I like the feeling of the strings grabbing the ball then throwing it back. Round poly strings don't have that feeling to me for some reason. And this string in particular had even less feel than other round poly strings I have tried. I would like to have tried it in hybrid cross string with Gut mains though. I can see this string working better for me in this kind of string set up.
(TW if you send another set of these, I would happily like to try this play test out and give feedback used in a hybrid )
Tension recommendations: For me, I think possibly stringing it lower around 44 lbs might have given me more depth and power I was seeking.
Summary: Only Like: Tension maintenance is above average than other poly's possibly due to the pre-stretch. Dislikes: Low powered, not enough bite and spin, dull & boardy feel.
Thank you for the opportunity to test this string.
But Sorry Kirschbaum, I wasn't a fan of this string.

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