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Originally Posted by Mainad View Post
We don't know how Murray would have fared against Federer in the semis. Given how lame Federer was against Berdych, its perfectly possible Murray would have beaten him had he played him. I repeat that to beat two of the top players back to back in a Slam is a rare feat for ANY player..
Of course we don't know - so don't use ludicrous logic like: because Federer played poorly against Berdych, Murray would have had a good shot at him if they'd faced each other. Ergo: If Federer had played better and beaten Berdych, he would have likely been playing better than that match - so it's spurious to even use it as an indication of form going into a hypothetical match-up which never happened.

Originally Posted by Mainad View Post
But if it makes you happy to dismiss Murray's USO win as a lucky fluke because he never got to play Federer before playing Djokovic, then by all means do so...
Unless he backs it up it will go down in history as a fluke almost surely according to Talk Tennis logic.
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