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Originally Posted by roundiesee View Post
Would like to ask what is the general consensus regarding keeping a lighter, more manoeuvrable racket in your bag, in case you have an off day with your heavy racket? I was told by my coach that this may not be good as you need to "stick with it" even though you may not be timing the ball well with your heavy stick. Opinions any one?
Yeah... I'm carrying around a lighter racket... But it's still 12.6 ounces... But I was considering switching to something a bit lighter... Still thinking quite a bit about it. My heavier racket seems to play better though. :/

For reference, my normal racket is 12.9-13.0 ounces. Don't remember the exact 4th digit. The 12.6 ounce racket is a relatively standard-weighted BLX Six.One Tour with an overgrip and Natural Gut/Luxilon strings.
[K]Six.One Tour (3) 367.5 grams 31.7 cm balance.
Mains: Babolat/Wilson Natural Gut @ 23 kg // Crosses: Luxilon Alu Power Rough @ 21.5 kg

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