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Originally Posted by Coach Chad View Post
It angers me that a coach would instruct anyone at any level to use a western grip when serving...and I understand what you mean about being a "domineering dad"...but your son should use a Continental grip when he serves. You obviously love and care for him a great deal...a father's opinion means a great deal to a son, and if you are kind and let him know that you really feel that the Conti is best for him, I don't think he will view you as domineering. Enjoy your son's tennis...these memories will last!
Yea it's amazing how strangers think, not you but people up here. If you don't teach they say you don't care, you do teach they assume you are a drill sargeant

Oh well, we have a BLAST, every day "Daddy can we play tennis". He isn't the greatest natural talent (I think it will come), but he's COURAGEOUS, I mean more than me when I was his age. I was at the center, and Justin Bower was there, he has the second highest winning streak next to Fed, went to 2nd round Wimbledon, beat Mardy Fish, just a monster, so I wanted to play against him, you know so I could talk about it. He was very nice and let me hit with him. I was very nervous, after I was exhausted he asked Mick who was watching, and Mick hit with him, just no fear, so I guess that's a great trait he has

Sorry I find myself talking to strangers about my son since he was born!
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