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Originally Posted by slowfox View Post
No real point to this thread, but today I played some pickup tennis. Whenever this guy would start the rally (i.e. the first ball) he would hit a rocket at me. I'm on defense right away... haha.

Am I wrong to assume people should start the rally nice?
I play alot of pick up game, I always fire to their forehand, back and forth, then once in awhile drill a shot, same with them, don't know if that's standard but that's what I've experienced. If a guy tried to drill me on the first or second shot I'd be like "So you want to play"?

When I play my son, I always fire to his forehand, then slightly to his bh, then short, but nothing radical, just get him moving around. Watch the guys demoing racquets on TW, they hit to each other than finish off a shot, it allows each to just hit but also drill shots.
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