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PP and all the Wilsonians around here

Just read the TT reviews on the open patten new Blade. You can't exactly say they are falling over themselves with praise for it. As usual, Chris made some thought-provoking observations, including likening it to a TF 320 and Organix 10. I especially liked how he said it had that modern feel/performance of swinging faster, being crisper and hitting a zippier ball - exactly what I think about the Juice 100, as a matter of fact. Anyhow, look forward to hearing more feedback on this.


I have no idea if it's just me, but those dampeners are tiny resin circles of hell! I tried them In literally all 70+ rackets I've owned with very similar results. They change the playability of the bed so drastically it's unreal. I might just be crazy but who knows!
"Tiny resin circles of hell"?! Haha, love it... of course you may have pointed up another possible explanation, ie, you are indeed utterly insane.
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