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Originally Posted by tlm View Post
I really think that there is a lot more to kevlar than just durability. It has unmatched consistent control and very good spin which works very well for top spin players, not just flat hitters.
Also, I think the advantages of a stiffer stringbed are underappreciated. For example:
1. Since the stringbed dents less, rebound angle is lower and less dependent on the spin rate of the incoming ball.
2. More importantly, since the stringbed deflects less, a heavy incoming ball has a shorter moment arm to apply torque to the racquet at impact. So the racquet is more torsionally stable against a heavy ball. This greatly increases directional accuracy, especially on volleys against topspin or underspin passes and blocked returns.

Kevlar may not be for everyone, but it works best for me. Of course, the fact that I use a much heavier racquet than most players means shock to the arm is a non-issue. I do thank pvaudio for helping me choose my current poly cross.
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