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Originally Posted by chrisberchris View Post
So what will happen if say a Grand Slam winner is found to be doping and it is proven that he was doping when he won the title? Does the finalist become the winner? I am glad that they are starting to become more attentive to the problem. I think we all will be surprised at names named, and names not named. I just hope it does not tarnish the image of tennis, and taint players that I love.
I don't believe there will be surprises. The biological passport will be quietly introduced. All players affected will be tested regularly over a period of several months to build the data for comparision and then the fun might or might not start. It will still require catching dopers offguard so that anomalous blood (urine too?) readings show up. Will the ITF have the budget to repeatedly go to players to take blood? Without this you still won't catch dopers and the grand slam tournaments, which is where the bulk of the money comes from, seem reluctant to finanace a proper anti-doping budget. That says a lot about the attitude of those who really command the game. I think the players that are doping currently will be more than aware of all this and will know what to do and how to circumvent. The passport should help to contain doping but I don't see how it will stop it.
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