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Default How my world has changed ...

My world has changed since I bought my stringing machine!

Not too very long ago, I had my racquets strung pretty darned tight. I carry 4 to 6 racquets on any given day. When I got back into tennis a few years ago, I would carry 6 religiously. 2 at 60, 2 at 65 and 2 at 70 (yes, 70). I would use the different tensions depending on my opponent, the speed of the court, and the weather. Having 2 at each tension insured that I always had a backup to whatever I was using.

I don't break that many strings, but I would always have the ones of the same tension restrung at the same time, and the cost started adding up.

When I got an unexpected bonus earlier this year, I decided to incest in a stringing machine. I researched and pondered for quite a while on what was the best machine for me with the funds I had. I wound up getting a Gamma 5003 two point machine.

Since I started stringing in May, I have learned a great deal from this forum, from some YouTube videos, and from my coach.

I started coming down on my tension and found that many of my shots were much more consistent around 52 to 50. A pretty fair distance from the 70 and 65 that I had been playing.

Erlier in the year, I got some Dunlop Biomimetic 100's from TW Europe. I absolutely loved them. I had them strung from the store, 3 at 52 and 3 at 50.

All was fine with the world until I went to Indian Wells this spring. While playing on the courts at the hotel, I actually broke a string. The next day, we trucked into the TW tent at the tournament. I had a nice talk with the stringer, purchased some syn-gut strings and had him string the racquet at 48. I like that even better than the 50's and 52's.

When I got my stringing machine, I practiced on a few of my old Aerogel 500's, then set about restringing my Biomimetic 100's at 48, 46 and 44. The next round, I went a little lower ... 45, 44 and 42.

People started commenting on the amount of power I had, and how much my serve had improved, and I could see very little on my video tapes of matches that was different, so I concluded it was the lower string tension.

A week ago, I broke a string and decided to to experiment. I did something drastic ... I strung it at 38 (co-poly mains and syn-gut crosses). I played one match with it and totally smoked a guy who had always beat me the few times we played.

So today, I tried another experiment. I took another Bio 100 and cut the strings out. I restrung with all syn-gut at 36 and headed out for my doubles match. It may be partly mental, but I was a different player. I was able to get huge amounts of topspin on my ground strokes, and some of the shots I made at net actually surprised the crap out of me. Nice, crisp volleys with lots of pop, and some insane angles. I also had a slew of aces and service winners. Granted, it did take a little getting used to. I hit quite few long until I backed down on the throttle a little.

A friend of mine pointed out that I was now playing with a string tension that is about half what I was using only a year ago. That blew my mind!

How my world has changed!

I also seem to be able to string a lot faster at the lower tension. Is that normal, or am I just getting used to my machine?

Has anyone else experimented with ridiculously low string tension?
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