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Originally Posted by kiteboard View Post
I ripped my hamstring in a tournament, on icy steps, over the week end. I've since healed it. No more pain anyway. If you've ever ripped a ham, it can last for years untreated. It's four days of treatment. I lost the match 7-6 6-4, but that was due to the rip. I'm not special. Before treatment, I had a ham rip that lasted 7 years. And I'm mid fifties, not 18.

How do I know it was a real rip? Great pain, no sleep, limping, soreness, swelling, weakness upon lifting leg in postions, knotted sore spot, pain upon touching, slower movements, etc. Anyone else heal a ham rip in four days? No.
Sorry, that type of injury takes a couple weeks to heal. The cells involved in repairing a hamstring rip takes 3-4 days just to get to the site. You had acute inflammation at most. Your body did NOT repair a hamstring rip in 4 days. Biologically impossible. Stop making crap up.
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