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still a big fan of Iontec 17, but i've been experimenting with Spin Monster 17 in my Head TT Rad OS and have been enjoying it quite a bit. for a textured/shaped string, it's really good. my biggest complaint about textured/shaped strings is the reduced feel of the string bed. Spin Monster retains the feel and does enhance the spin production all the while delivering very good control. like a typical poly, it's fairly low powered and lasts me about 6-8 hours depending on the string pattern. i prefer lower powered poly strings as they really allow me to hit out without hitting long.

although i'm a big fan of Iontec 1.25 because it works so well for me in the PS85 and BC20 (frames that are at opposite ends of the spectrum), i found that it doesn't mate well w/ the Head PT280. the excellent feedback and feel that i get in the other racquets is muted and dull in the PT280. could be due to the tighter string pattern. anyways, just thought i'd share my findings.
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