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Originally Posted by Jakes On A Plane View Post
I captain a 7.5 Combo Mixed team. We just clinched our trip to the district tournament in January.

Anyways, I have an out-of-towner on my team. She was here for one match we won, but has not been able to get back in town to play a match since. We have one match that was previously "colded-out" and we've made up two of the three courts. We were both trying to find players to play that 3rd court. I've spoken with the other captain since then who said she most likely will have to default that court to me. I told her that I would just plug my out-of-towner in so she gets her second match so she can play at districts. She then said that that was not acceptable, that she (the out-of-towner) had to be present for the match to accept the default. I'm getting in contact with one of leagues people at the USTA, but does anybody else have an idea about this?

It doesn't make any sense to me, since this is not a regularly scheduled match. Why would I call this person in to town for a match that is not going to happen? If they can't fill the court, what does it matter who I put in?

I'd put her in. Other captain can eat me. If this is a make up, defaulted in advance, she has no right to force my players to show up for a match that won't happen.

No difference having this player inserted than any other. I get the Code argument, but its not like you're adding a ringer at the season. She's on the team.
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