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I'm following this thread with ineterest, as I am "in the mood" for a transition from being a Pure Drive user for over 10 years. I plan on demoing the PS Tour and I'm looking for it to give me the same ability for maintaining my only real weapon in tennis - my 1st pacey serve, with kicker 2nd.

What I hope to gain is better control with it than using my PD's. I feel my game has moved beyond an all-out power only racket like the PD's. I need more feel.

I plan on demo-ing the below:

1. Technifibre 305 (in demo now--so far so good - ish, simliar service power, but more control on groundies)

2. Pure Storm Tour

3. Pure Drive Roddick (again) - I know it's a contradiction to the above!

4. 2013 AeroProdrive
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