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Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post
I don't follow YOUR logic. I am not following the points, quite the opposite. I'm following the status of the event. Monte-Carlo IS a master. Basel was not a gold, it was a world series.
Anyway, Basel is still Fed's 3rd best event on the tour after Wimbledon and WTF. I guess we can all agree on that.
Fed's 10 best events:
1- Wimbledon: 7w, 1f
2- WTF: 6w, 2f
3- Basel: 5w, 4f
4- Halle: 5w, 2f, 1s
5- Dubai: 5w. 2f
6- USO: 5w, 1f
7- Cincy: 5w
8- AO: 4w, 1f, 4s
9- Hamburg: 4w, 1f
10- IW: 4w, 3s
Objectively, yes. But in truth, I'd rate his performances at the FO over Hamburg. If he faced Nadal in his Hamburg finals, than he'd not won them either. It's just a matter of Rafa showing up. I think Federer has performed exceptional over the years at Roland Garros.

But I get your point of course. You just look at results.
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