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Originally Posted by PKfan1 View Post
I don't think you are going to find the same serving success with the PST, but on the ground I find much more control. Especially depth control. I think the Roddick has more control than the standard as well while still being a serving monster. Same with APD. The ultimate is the LTD though. It serves bombs and with groundies and volleys it is ridiculous how much control you can get. The only thing is that it's a huge drop in power from the PD and the feel is completely different.
Yeah I also worry about the extra weight, which I fear in a 3rd set could make me a bit sluggish on my serving. I also though the LtD was way too much stick for me, with aminute seewtspot, and ideally suited to guys who were almost pro's! But it has always intrigued me....maybe I should try the Ltd too,...mmmmm

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I would do an extended demo and play the same players with each racket you're considering. I did the same thing with a Pure Storm, Pure Storm Tour, Pure Storm Tour Plus, and Pure Drive Roddick. I had used all except the plus before and was using the Roddick at the time because I fell in love with the power. I won the most matches, sets, and games with the Pure Storm Tour Plus. The one racket that stood out the least when I demoed it just hitting or not really paying attention to how well I did.
I did used to play plus rackets, but I simply found they were not quite as manouverable for me on a lot of approach shots, but they did rock on baseline bashing for sure. Like you, I agree that the Pure storm is a bit of a sleeper range of babolat and well underated by most amateurs, and weekend warriors
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