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Originally Posted by 3fees View Post
Nike vapors feature comfort and light weight-durability is the down side. If you rotate them they will last longer-no 6 month warranty,Vapor 9's have low arch support.

Adidas B7 are heavier, last longer and have 6 mos warranty.I have B7 and they fit well, medium arch support.

I also have a pair of Adidas Galaxy Elites(black and orange stripe colorway-orange inside) they are very foot comfortable and light weight,they are not in high demand though,medium arch support,cost me $50. no toe drag support, these are very good in wear also,,B8's should have the full foot support of these and adidas would be in orbit. Peeps notice these shoes and ask me about them, All reviews of these are positive.

I was actually looking at the Galazy Elites...but the ones i saw has RG (Roland Garros) as part of the name...hopefully not only clay shoes?
These shoes seem like good value even without proper toe protection...

The adidas B7 seem more comfortable and flexible than the B6...but they do not seem to have the same amount of protection at the tip of the toes, top especially. So at $130 without toe protection, i think even the Nike vapors will last me longer, as my main wear and tear are at the toe areas. (At the bottom i can use liquid sole the top it doesn't work as well)

Do you have any experience on the Nike CB's?

I think i should also mention, that I am VERY rough on my toes. So much so, that i will need to reconsider my technique on the serve especially. I use my toes so much, that i may have broken one once.My split step is extremely hard in certain situations and when I serve, my left foot often slam the court when landing. It may also be affecting my left knee. But I also think my current barracides do not have a perfect fit causing my feet to slide forward etc.
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