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Originally Posted by kimguroo View Post
Vapor will not be the option because it does not have a good durability.
courtballistec has better toe protections than barricade but heel protection is much better for barricade.
When I use barricade, I will have a hole in toe area about 8 weeks and When I use CB, my heel will be worn out about 9 weeks.
If you don't have a heel problem, probably CB might be the best choice.
Hi there...

I hardly need any heel protection to be honest.

If the Nike vapors only last 30% shorter than the Barricades, I may consider them as long as it makes up for it in other areas, like comfort or protecting my toes better than the barricades would. (my middle toes take the most beating)...

Thank you for the feedback on the Nike CB's. This is really becoming a stronger option than before...I wasn't sure if they'd last longer than the vapors...How would you compare the comfort between the vapors and the cb's?
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