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[QUOTE=Bobby Jr;7018472]Murray suffered more brain-fart-esque losses than the rest of the top 4 this year. Despite having the best year of his career it doesn't mean he was the best.

This is a massive strawman and has the square root of feck all to do with your earlier assertion that Murray only played well at the USO. Your continued attempts to traduce Murray's USO win because he didn't beat Federer and Nadal is quite amusing. Were you saying the same after Roger won his first slam at Wimbledon without facing a top 5 player and beating the world number 48 in the final? Of course you weren't. What about Roger's 2007 AO win where the highest ranked player he faced was zero time slam finalist and world number 5 Davydenko - you got an issue with that slam win? Thought not.

I wouldn't mind if you were just an honest Murray hater like the Bawss - I can respect that; I might not like it, but at least it's honest. Whereas your attempts to demean Murray are a bit stealthier, a bit sneakier - you simply hold him to a standard that you don't hold other players to. It's clever, but quite transparent.
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