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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
What do you mean here exactly?
My hips get turned, but all I focus on for the legs and lower body is to bend my knees and positioning myself to hit my shots. On the upper body, I focus on a full turn and I can't really get any more turn than I already am.

Originally Posted by boramiNYC View Post
if what you have been doing is using just shoulder rotation to generate rhs i believe there's quite a bit more you can do to improve but rotating the hip more to increase rhs is not one of them. try counter rotating the hip. this is usually done in the air for jumping fh to balance out the upper body rot inertia. it is one of the stopping mechanism by lower body including hip. think fast cars have much larger brakes. or due to the braking power you can drive fast. otherwise it's injury and your body knows that and wont allow it to happen even if your brain tells swing faster.
Counter rotating then hip sounds painful. I need some sort of visual example or a drill or a different explanation.

Of all the air forehands I hit (and used to hit), the only injury I've ever gotten was a mid-air cramp (which is normal for me, the cramping I mean, but I've gotten a lot better at managing it) and my shoulder popping out of my socket once or twice for a split second. I was moving back as I hit the shot while also trying to extend as far through the ball as possible.
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