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Originally Posted by Sabratha View Post
After Federer was worn out after a close encounter with Del Potro.
This again?

Roger played for 4 and a bit hours on the Friday afternoon - then had Saturday off, then played Murray on the Sunday afternoon. I'm sure Roger has been involved in a 5 setter in a slam, had the next day off, then won the the next day without being 'worn out' - all of which is analogous to what happened to him at Wimbledon OG.

While 'worn out Roger' was resting after his marathon with Delpo, what was Murray doing? Well, on the Friday, while roger was getting his massage, Murray played Novak Djokovic. Then on the Saturday, while Roger had his feet up in front of the fire, Murray played 2 mixed doubles matches - the Quarter-Final and the Semi-Final, then he played Roger on the Sunday afternoon.
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