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Originally Posted by Sabratha View Post
A good run at Wimbledon one year where the Earth was moved for him doesn't mean he has not declined the most on grass. On hard courts he generally always makes the semifinals (apart from the US Open this year) and on grass he's only made it to the quarters for a couple of years before his win this year.
The past 3 years

AO : W, SF, SF = 17 wins, 2 losses => win ratio of 89.5%
USO : SF, SF, QF = 14 wins, 3 losses => win ratio of 82.4%
W : QF, QF, W = 15 wins, 2 losses => win ratio of 88.2%

Average out his win% at the AO and the USO and it comes up to less than his win% at Wimbledon.
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