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Originally Posted by chrischris View Post
Ok, but please answer my question and i will receive that in good faith and my trust may then grow.
By 'more so no' are you implying you feel its wise and responsable to t rely on the support of 'supernatural' influences to determine the outcomes rather than those we can measure and impact?

If the supernatural influences are based on constants such as goodness and love - yes. If not, no. How do we know if the supernatural is good? We can test practically through relationship, and the already built in faith given us.....the rest will need to be done in faith - a hearts decision, much like the automatic leap of faith a bird does as it leaves the nest. We can either nurture or starve the faith we do have. I would rather choose a God willing to die for my attention, than one who demands attention. Salvation is given more than it is earned. A God who owes us nothing, who has no reason to be humble, showed true example of humility and sacrifice. I want the same humility, for pride makes one fall and the humble will be lifted.

We were placed on this earth not just to live in faith, but to live in action also. Action often proves faith. We have to partially let go and just believe, yet, in the same breath, make a decision to believe ourselves and take action. It is what we choose to do with the little we know, and the amount of faith we have now. Sometimes, we need to look at the signs.Sometimes we can have control and influence, and sometimes things are out of our control and influence. It is a draw near to the Creator and the Creator will draw near to you kind of thing. The more we get closer, the more we will realise just how unmeasurable the 'supernatural' is, but we will at least get more of a grasp of the scale of things. Our worth and potential is multiplied when we do not try and do everything ourselves.

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