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Well yea school Tennis is over. It's a matter of can't win for losing, if I insist he do it my way I'm a bad domineering dad, if I say do it her way its bad, coach was not very good.

Yea he uses basically Continental on everything, I started him with Eastern but it's devolved or evolved into Continental, he can rally like no bodies business, but serve? No. He'll get it, thanks.

Also I'm going to have him serve with this Wilson 9.6 oz Blitz or whatever it is, I had him serving with a K-Factor 95, about 12.3 oz strung, shouldn't make that big a deal, I started with a heavy 75 inch wood racquet, but oh well, just want him to GET the mechanics.
Yeah, don't worry about the labels. The only thing that matters is that your son developes a serve. And on this issue, you are 100 percent correct. He must make the switch. Developing proper mechanics such as, external/internal rotation of the shoulder, supination/pronation, racquet head speed, spin production etc etc. are all centered on having the correct grip. It is an absoulute fundamental.
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