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Originally Posted by joeri888 View Post
I'm sure the Delpo match impacted Roger, both physically and mentally. However, you should not even respond to stuff like this. Murray played superb and Roger played poorly. Both deserved what they got that day. In fact, the fact that Rog had to go 4 hours against Delpo showed that he was not in form to beat Murray at the Olympics. If he was, he would have beaten Delpo a lot easier. He should have not lost serve in the first set, he should have returned better and he should've served it out the first time instead of being broken to love. It's his own fault and it showed that he lacked the form to beat Murray. Full kudos for Murray therefore, for being the best grass player during the olympics.

I would not derive from this, however, that Federer is done beating Murray on grass. I think it's a 55-45 for Murray maybe at this point. But the quicker the grass, the more advantage Federer. As long as Federer can keep his slice backhand low, he still stands a good chance against anyone on any surface.
Only stupid people would form this conclusion. Roger will be a force on grass for some time to come.
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