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Originally Posted by richsox View Post
Hi Fellow TT'ers,

I'm at a rather interesting junction in my not so illustrious tennis career.I feel the need to find that special stick that still allows me to maintain my only real weapon - decent 1st serve velocity, combined with a decent 2nd serve kicker, and with plenty of directional control on all groundies


1. Mid-40's
2. Played with Pure Drives primarily for over 10 years
3. Eastern Forehand, Single backhand
3. Decent serve, inconsistent ground strokes
4. Flat hitter (can't quite seem to master top spin)
5. UK LTA rating = 7.2 (possibly equivilant to a US 3.5, not sure)
6. Play four times a week

Currently use a stock Pure Drive (2012) with VS Gut at 57lbs.
(I sometimes yearn for more plowthrough) For some reason I have just not had the success in winning matches with this stick. I've tried lead, but that's just a constant head game for me.....

My demo list:

1. Technifibre 305 - in demo now, and I got a Love-Hate thing going on, but mostly love. Good power on tap for serving, better control on gorundies, but less forgiving and feels more stiff than my Pure Drive's. I think my shoulder may feel a wee bit sore too, but not sure it's fair to blame the 305 on that, as it was a bit sore before i started the demo.

2. Pure Storm Tour is next up (I once owned a PS GT 2009, but did not like the head heavy balance)

3. Pure Drive Roddick (again)

4. 2013 Aeropro drive

If anyone has any views or advice, or recommendations, I'm all ears and eyes !

Thanks and cheers all
Juice 100...

Great flat bomber serve and good kicking second. It's still a stiff frame, but comparatively speaking, a bit more lush/crisp in feel as opposed to the PD. It swings mega-quick, is nicely responsive and I find accuracy and control better than certainly the APD. It is surprisingly good for more all court stuff (not my forte TBH.) I like a bit more SW being used to the APD Original, hence I add a bit of lead to my J100, and that helps the J100 feel more solid, although it does have that PWS at 3 and 9 which IMO gives it a certain solidness anyhow. It's been described as sitting just between the APD and PD and I wouldn't argue.

These kind of frames are only fractionally different, but in the few weeks I've had the Wilson, well, I'm impressed.
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