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Originally Posted by LanEvo View Post
Try the 2012 PDR+. Although it may be 0.5" longer, you will not notice the difference too much, and it is a gem at the net too, it is better than the Std. imo, it feels a bit more HL, and much more stable and solid all around. If the weight is too much, even the PD+ isnt too bad, I owned one too, but you lose out on the stability of the Roddicks, but it is much lighter and has a bit more pop.

Our play style is very similar, and I am a bit higher level possibly, but still similar nonetheless.
Thanks LanEvo, I must say that i do want to in my heart stay with the PD family, hence my intention to demo the Roddick, but I just hope I get more feel. Plus versions have never worked for me, and indeed I've already demo-ed - some months ago the PDR+. I may just look for a different type of racket completely, as I am now demoing the PS LTD as well, for days in which I just want to be control orientated, and pretendf I'm a real player!

Originally Posted by rlau View Post
I'd try the Wilson Blade 98 18x20 -- Pure Drive type of power with much better control and feel.

I once loved the Blade so much I bought it! It was the Nblade 98, and I then demo-ed the KBlade, but I did get elbow issues with both, so left them alone!

The same goes for the Donnay Pro One 97 16x19, but the closed pattern of the Blade will suit your style better. (Haven't tried the closed pattern Pro One, so I can't comment on that.)
Never considered Donnay at all-will study it a bit-thanks!

Originally Posted by sansaephanh View Post
I gotta say. The Yonex RDiS 200 i felt was so much more solid then the tinny babo counterparts. I'm quite in love with this stick. I keep coming back to it because of how solid it feels on serves and all court game.

It's a little flexy, but its a solid frame with more then plenty plow. With the right string it has a ton of pop, but do find myself spraying from time to time. But it happens even more so with a PD in my hands lol.

If you can handle the weight and find a string you really like to compliment it's flexiness and your game, this racket reeaaaallly shines.
MM OK thanks--I did demo Yonex before, but the weird head shape and I never quite got on

Originally Posted by chaddles View Post
Blade 98 is one of the best power and control sticks. If ur flat hitter them this is the racquet you should demo.
Yes I kow I hear that alot-that it's great for Flatties--but I had trouble with my elbow on using the Blades-see above
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