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If I were in the market for a stringing machine, I wouldn't be buying a used Star 4. Yes, we use it, and its a great machine for our purposes. However, its no longer being supported by Babolat, so parts are no longer available. If you buy a Star 4, and the circuit board goes down, you are left with a very large paper weight. Our needs are very different than the needs of most stringers. We need a machine that is portable, and the Star 4 is one of the few high quality machines that fit the bill. We've been using them since 1998, and they've rarely let us down. We'll be using them (hopefully) for at least a couple more years, but we will have to move onto something else eventually. We've picked up a couple of Star 4's in the past few years as backups, but wouldn't have bought them if we found a currently produced machine that we thought fit our needs as well as the Star 4.

For stringers who don't need portability, and this the vast majority of you, machines currently produced are superior due to ergonomics and some added features that make life easier for a stringer.
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