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Originally Posted by Jakes On A Plane View Post
Thank you for the response. The problem for me is that the other captain already made it clear they were going to end up defaulting the court to me. I don't see how it is an issue of doing the right thing.
After the opposing captain confirmed they were going to should have just accepted it...and filled your lineup in however you wanted. No one would have been the wiser. Why did you volunteer the information that one of your players couldn't make it?

Our local rules do not prohibit what you contemplate but yours might and it's good that you've contacted an LC to find out. I do know a captain who has has done this very thing...but...she did have a full compliment of players who could have shown up for the match if they'd had to actually play it. It just wouldn't have included the "unavailable" player whose name was ultimately entered in the final lineup.

Guess I'll revise my advice just a bit: if you could have fielded that (to-be) defaulted line...then go ahead and enter whoever's name you want to, provided you get confirmation from the league that it's permissible. But if your team also would have had to default, then man-up and take the double-default.

Next time, stay silent on what your lineup could've/should've/would've been...and this issue won't come up.
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