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Originally Posted by colan5934 View Post
Genesis Thunderblast 1.26

I strung this up last weekend at 53 pounds on my coach's lockout machine. Rackettune showed 52 immediately after stringing. 4 days later, it read 45.5 after 4 hours of hitting. This is only an initial impression.

Groundstrokes: Really quite nice. Plush, soft, and controlled. The twisted profile provides plenty of spin, and I really enjoy the feel at contact. It's just smooth and offers a little bit more forgiveness that some other polyester strings like 4G. Reminds me how much I liked Typhoon when I tried it in high school.

Serves: Enjoyable. The plush control made me have to work to put pace and spin on the ball, but boy was I rewarded. Lines were hit many times, and I had some good hop on the kickers. I felt like I could really move my opponent around and set up my down-the-line forehand well, especially on the ad side. I got a few extra aces too.

Volleys: Once again, very nice. Good form is rewarded, and the plush stringbed's forgiveness was welcomed as well. Placement is good as is touch.

I cannot comment on durability yet, but after 3.5 hours, it's notching a bit. Nothing terrible, but it's not great either. This is likely due to the smaller diameter and twisted profile.

I'll post a full review once it breaks. I'm really liking it so far.
Isn't Thunderblast a synthetic multi? Are you sure it isn't something else?
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