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Originally Posted by gonzalocatalino View Post
As i have commented in your other thread, ive experienced a similar situation about the QC.

Ive played a variety of prestiges (fxps, mgs and youteks). The youtek MP was the best (a bit stiffer, but with a great crisp feel). Sadly, i wasnt being as consistent as i needed and my arm was suffering a bit the stiffnes.
By pure luck ive bought 3 C10 Pros from a guy i know.
With this particular racquet, im getting a great experience, ive raised the tension about 10lbs because is more powerfull (i used the prestiges in the high 40s and im using 60lbs with the c10) and i get the same control, but in a more comfortable pack.
Spin is about the same (im comparing it with the youtek mp) and also the swing speed.
I tried the youtek a while ago and thought it was a bit stiff but I really tried for a few days with the black code string which I don't know if it's a stiff or soft.
As far as C10 I have no idea what it is.
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