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I couldn't get over the springiness of the EXO3 Tour 100. I tried the 18x20 with poly and the 16x18 with syngut. I liked the 18x20 with poly better because it wasn't as springy. The trampoline effect on the 16x18 with syngut was too much for me to control. The trajectory on my shots was high and I needed to use excessive topspin to keep the ball in, and luckily, it's the most spinny frame I ever tested. My groundstrokes were launching and my volleys were going into the net. My serves were going into the net because of all the topspin I was getting, so I adjusted for it and ended up hitting kickers.

The thing I liked most about the EXO3 Tour 100 was the comfort. It's easily the most comfortable racquet I ever tested, even with full poly (it was a fresh bed of RPM Blast). The problem was I had a hard time adjusting to it. I gave it every opportunity to impress me because I wanted to like it, but I kept losing every game I played with it, and I needed to switch to my demo Ki 5 to be able to give my friends a good match.
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