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Originally Posted by t-swede View Post
automatix are you still playing with the rd-70s ? i found two brand new ones together with a couple of new rd-7 and rq-1500 basically the shop owner lets me try out the racket and then choose.

what kind of string would be good to put in the rd-70 , rpm blast maybe ?
Sorry for the late response.

Yes, I'm still with the RD 70s. I just can't find anything better... although the weight is a bit troublesome. I'd really like to switch but there is nothing similar in a lighter package.

As for the strings I've been testing almost everything from thin kevlar to soft and powerfull multis.

It really depends on what's your game like. If you have efficient power and playing with lot's of spin I'd go with a smooth poly like Beast XP.
With strings promoting spin this racket with it's 16x17 (a nice intro if you're going to playtest he Wilson Spin Effect frames and the 16x16 EXO ESP from Prince) string pattern makes the ball land short... at least for me.

I was really happy with Polyfibre Black Venom 1,25mm.

Currently I'm pondering if I should check out a hybrid of Tonic+ mains and Beast XP crosses.
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