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I don't know why the OP is getting so worked up, quite strange.

As for Agassi's comments, I don't see anything wrong with it, and in fact is a compliment to Sampras. Agassi is saying that although Sampras may not have had the fastest or the biggest or the "best" serve, he was the best at defending his serve. Whether that meant knocking off a volley, or aces, or unreturnables, or stting up the point to finish with a groundstroke winner or at the net, Sampras had many options and skills to turn serves into his favour.

As far as I'm concerned that's a good compliment. As for his serve, without getting into stats I don't have, Sampras was the best at getting out of trouble score wise, and was the best at the combination of combining slice and topspin at pace, hence the reason his 2nd serve was so superior. I can think of Becker as well, but maybe Becker concentrated sometimes on taking too much pace off the 2nd serve to get the kick, which sometimes sat up like a duck for his opponents.
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