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Originally Posted by PKfan1 View Post
I do the opposite. I normally play with a lighter (PSLGT 12.5 oz) racquet but switch to a heavier (4d 200T 13.3 oz) one if I am out of energy or being really lazy. I find the heavier one takes a lot less energy to hit the ball hard.
I quoted this because it's also happened to me. Sometimes I'm "off" in one way or another and switching to a different frame can effectively reset my synapses a little bit. I've switched to a slightly lighter frame a few times, but I've switched to a heavier option, too. An alternative racquet doesn't necessarily need to be significantly different to be plenty useful, I think.

Sure, I have my go-to frames, but I have a few different ones that I also like a LOT for one aspect or another. Sometimes if I'm not clicking, grabbing a different racquet out of the bag can jolt my awareness or timing so that I might feel a little more functional on the courts. While I don't do this constantly and I also understand that hitting the ball well is about me and not the racquet, I've definitely felt better here and there after making a mid-outing racquet switch.
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