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I played with the silver for several months, and moved to the XP, which is my current racquet. I haven't tried the others on your list.

I like the Donnays because I think they are uniquely arm friendly compared to any other racquets I've hit. I never have any elbow pain, and rarely have any arm soreness compared to other brands.

I also like the thin beams, although for me it's probably more of a mental thing.

XP vs. Silver? For me, the XP 102 Black seems to have a bit more pop. I serve better with it too (get more balls in).

One problem with the silver is how fragile it is. I do not abuse my racquets by deliberately hitting things (other than balls). However, during my serve follow through, my silver slipped out of my sweaty hand onto the court (rubico soft court) and the frame cracked all the way through. I don't think the racquet hit the ground very hard as I was even trying to catch it as it left my slippery hand. I don't think the XP would have cracked in the same situation.
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