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Originally Posted by kragster View Post
Childish taunting aside, I don't think any one doesn't seriously admire what Fed has been able to do. His longevity and his ability to fight back to get the no 1 ranking are remarkable. I am almost certain the other guys will have a much sharper decline than Fed and I can't see any scenario where Feds records are broken.

That being said , I think the surface argument is both true and false . The lack o faster surfaces may have benefitted djoko/Nadal/Murray the most but it has also benefited Fed. Simply because it has prevented the development of attacking 1st strike players who can cause upsets. And it has put an emphasis on stamina which a lot of young players don't develop until later.

I'm totally in favor of more variety and speeding up the USo etc I'm just not a huge fan of 'some fans' using the age/surface excuse all the time to discredit opponent wins.
I can understand your point

Well, Kragster, I, despite being a fanatic Roger Federer fan, have never posted even once that Roger is the GOAT. I always ,that word is a disservice to all the greats who played different opponents at different time under different conditions. I am NOT obsessed with records also. Stefan Edberg used to be my favorite player even though I used to like Pete Sampras and Sampras was breaking all records. I like Llodra and the way he plays. The other day I saw his match with Isner, and really felt sad that none of the surfaces in the tour is conducive to his style of play, serve and volley. I want variety not from Roger point of view. Roger would be around ONLY for a couple of years more.
There is an artist in Roger Federer who expresses himself best at the Tennis court
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