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Originally Posted by Feather View Post
Firstly, I am not here to make excuses for Roger Federer. His resume speaks for himself not some random unknown cyber warrior in a Tennis forum

Don't assume too much mate. I never said Novak cannot beat Roger at fast surfaces. Fast surfaces make the players, read Roger Federer, more susceptible to upsets from big hitters also.

I only said slowing down of all surfaces have affected Roger more when it comes to the big four as he is the most attacking player among them. It wouldn't be easy to defend on surfaces where you can hardly put a racquet to the ball.
So you want super fast courts with no tennis skill required so karlovic and the like can do well PLEASE, it was super fast in the 90s and was sending us to sleep now you see shoting making and not one two punch tennis.

When verdasco played Raonic last year and got served off the court he said "this is not tennis" and at that time Raonic was less developed than he is now. Is that what you what big servers without skill or touch knocking out shotmakers well DO YOU??
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