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You're probably on the right track with the Pure Storms - I'm thinking you might like a frame with more flex than your PD. Keep in mind that if you like the general feel and/or response of a different racquet, it's entirely possible to tune the balance of that racquet to get it more familiar for you. I've done it more than once just because I've always liked racquets with significant HL balance.

Any alternative frames with more flex will probably offer a bit more mellow response or less "pop" than your PD, but if a softer option is also a bit more hefty than your PD, it should still offer plenty of potential to thump the ball well for you. When I switched into my current Volkl C10's, they didn't have that same zip at contact that I got with my old 6.1 Classics, but their flex gave me much more freedom to swing out and not worry about spraying the ball off toward who-knows-where.
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